A invite link for the DRH Design Discord Server in located on the main menu page.

To access the portfolio, please contact DRH Design for the username and password.

The Portfolio and Construction Photos have been put into Google Drive Folders.

I have added my Google Photos albums from my portfolio and construction sites to the Google Drives. This is all that I have time for given the amount of photos in the construction site.

DRH DESIGN is an architectural portfolio for David R Hoover, AIA, NCARB of projects while working at GSR-Andrade, JH+P, H/S and Gasaway Gasaway Bankston Architects. It contains pictures from completed projects and a large collection of construction photos.

The DRH Design button at the bottom right will send you to the main menu. From there, other DRH Design sites are available. Use the same button to navigate between sites.

As of January 2017, Google changed the permissions and now the javascript I was using does not allow new photo albums to be displayed. The new Chrome browser update as of 09/2018 seems to have removed the access completely. Thanks Google. You can still see the older albums if you use Firefox or Explorer.

Given the 100s of albums I have. I am unclear how I will now proceed, but I will try to post new pictures on the social media sites.